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Valentine's Jewellery Gift Ideas

So with the most romantic day fast approaching, how will you be celebrating ? Don't go for the over traditional bunch of overpriced red roses, Instead why not have a look at some of our valentine's day gift ideas with some heart and love themed jewellery for that special somebody in your life.

Nipple Piercings - Often seen as one of the most intimate places to have a piercing, and can add some sexy fun to your love life. An ideal gift this valentine's day.

Industrial / Scaffold Piercings- Looking for an alternative to the traditional valentines jewellery gift ? Well look no further, as we have a large range of heart or alternate romantic scaffold piercing bars for you to choose.

Labret Piercings - Stand out from other lovers with a thoughtful different gift this valentine's day, with a labret bar worn close to those ohh so kissable lips.

Nose Rings/ Studs - Generally, women love rings, so why not give her one for valentine's day. A nose ring that is, from gold to sparkly they always look good. You can find a host of nose piercings and studs, nose studs, nose rings all at

Body Jewellery Shack

Non Piercings - Some people are just scared of the needle, but they still need love so we got you covered with our selection of non-piercing ear cuffs.

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