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Top 10 pierced celebrities

Body Jewellery has been about for thousands of years, dating way back to ancient Egypt where belly rings were all the fashion, but in the past few decades has become more and more socially acceptable. Most celebrities nowadays are choosing to express themselves with body piercing jewellery to their enhance look and style.

Here are the top 10 pierced celebrities -

Miley Cyrus - The queen of pop, piercings are mainly on her left ear with two cartilage hoop piercings and two standard lobe piercings. She also has her belly button pierced and after asking fans got a nose ring.

Justin Bieber - Justin a well know lover of tattoos, tends to prefers studs for most of his piercings, having recently got his eyebrow pierced with a barbell.

Zayn Malick - After his split from One Direction, went for a more edgy look and as well as his nose ring now wears a industrial bar or as us Brits call it a scaffold bar.

Rihanna - The sexy goddess has many a ear piercing, but to add to her beauty she has enhanced her look with a septum piercing fashion statement.

Billie Eilish - Although never one to flaunt her body she has revealed that she has her belly button pierced and claims she's bringing it back into fashion, so hurry to be the first.

Kylie Jenner - With her classic combination of fashion sense and style opted for a understated, yet sexy nipple bar which she makes sure to wear clothes that tactfully show off her nipple piercing jewelry.

Kim Kardashian - Even though this piercing is totally fake, it still deserves a spot on the list. Kim only rocked this look for a few weeks, but who knows she might take the plunge and get lip ring piercing yet.

Drew Barrymore - Drew although not in the spotlight so much today, was still was one of the first to be seen with her tongue piercing adding to her wild reputation and did a lot for the popularity of the tongue rings in general.

Lady Gaga - Gaga enhanced her striking look with a septum piercing to add to her mystique and out there style.

Madonna - We know it's only a beauty spot on her lip, but it has generated such a fashion statement that we couldn't not mention the madonna labret piercing. Worn on the upper lip like its namesake.

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