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The "Ouch" Guide to Piercings

So let's get started on this journey of piercings and how much they honestly hurt. Now let's be honest you're going to get a needle pushed through a area of skin so we can always expect a certain amount of discomfort, this will vary from person to person as everyone has a different pain threshold.

Below you will find our "Ouch" guide for the standard amount of pain or lack off for each area. This has been scientifically established by asking all our friends down the pub " How sore was THAT piercing ? " So might not be incredibly accurate but we tried our best.


Possibly the most common piercing to get on the body so this seems the ideal place to start with.

The Lower Lobe Piercing

Easy one to get started as the lower lobe is one of the least painful places to get pierced, as such its most people first piercing.

The Upper Lobe Piercing

The Upper lobe is a popular place as people like to have multiple ear rings and ear studs. Slightly sore but not much to it.

The Tragus Piercing

The cartilage in your Tragus, (the little flap at the front of your ear), is extremely flexible, and that makes it one of the less painful areas to get a cartilage piercing.

The Industrial / Scaffold Piercing

Most people who get a scaffold or industrial piercing say the it's the second hole that hurts the most.

The Helix Piercing

Great place for you " big babies " as there are very few nerve endings in that area, so very little pain.

The Rook Piercing

After the initial piercing which most find to be a sharp pain, it soon

goes down to a dull ache.

The Conch Piercing

As with nearly all cartilage piercings there is going to be a initial sharp pain similar to other cartilage piercings, but again this will dull in a short time.

The Daith Piercing

The Daith piercing can be a tricky one as most people we spoke to said they had gotten it for help with migraine headaches. So in our straw poll for most people this was their first cartilage piercing so found it extra sore.

The Flat Ear Piercing

Again a tricky one as it seems that out or our small control group, the men said this was the worst piercing pain where the ladies were like ehh it was okay.


Probably the second most common place to get a piercing nowadays. So let go see what the troops thought of their nose piercings pain.

The Nostril Piercing

Can be worn on either side of the nose depending on style. SEE ARTICLE

For most this is a sharp pain that passes quickly and will make your eye water. But for some people with sensitive noses this can be a sore one.

The Bridge Piercing

Although called a nose bridge piercing, this only passes through the skin on the nose and not the bone meaning only a small amount of discomfort.

The Rhino Piercing

An unusual body modification, this piercing runs through the tip of the nose and emerges in the cartilage running between the nostrils. 

The Septum Piercing

This piercing has exploded in popularity in the last few years. The barbell passes through the "sweet spot" which is the thinner skin tissue between your cartilage wall inside your nose.


Again a popular place for facial piercings today. Originally seen more for the girls but now gaining popularity with boys.

The Labret Piercing

When speaking of lip piercings the labret is on the higher side of the "ouch" scale as with all facial piercing there are a lot of nerve endings so can be a more painful than other areas.

The Madona or Monroe

Depending on who you ask one side or other is called a Monroe or Madonna named after both stars beauty mark. Just like the lower labret piercing it can be a painful piercing depending on the features of the lip.

The Medusa Piercing

Unusual in the fact that in most people opinion it wasn't the initial piercing that was painful. But after the piercing had been done the swelling can cause some discomfort.


The sexual perks of getting your nipples pierced especially for those who are not particularly sensitive in that area greatly improve sensitivity, which just adds to the feelings when touched.

So now we have reached our fist "proper sore" as most we asked said this was their sorest piercing that they had done.


Belly button piercings have grown in popularity over the years with them now being seen nearly as common place as the humble earring.

The Belly Button Piercing

Like the lip medusa piercing, at the time most said their belly button rings had a okay pain level, but the days after expect to feel some discomfort, including swelling, throbbing, and some aching


A popular piercings with both the boys and girls sporting tongue bars and tongue rings. Said to help with sexual acts which is untrue, but there is still a slight stigma about getting this piercing done.

We have given this a higher grade on the "Ouch" scale simply as with most cases at the time the piercing wasn't bad. But as you can't rest your tongue it can swell and be uncomfortable for a few days. ( That and everyone talks funny for first day or so. )


Loved by both the Girls and the Boys, the eyebrow piercing is a true unisex piercing. These can be placed in various locations along the eyebrow, but generally found just past the arch on the brow.

A relatively pain free piercing, where in general only a small sharp pain and some pressure is felt.


So now we get to the hard core on the pain levels. Split between Boys and Girls for obvious reasons.


The Prince Albert

By far the most common piercing and seen as the starter piercing for the boys bits. Generally a captive bead ring is used as its inserted in urethral tube and comes out from behind the head of the penis. This piercing is on the lower end scale for the "Ouch" guide as the area is less sensitive.

The Frenum

The frenum piercing is also a common starter. The barbell or ring is inserted to run side by side right below the lip of the head of the penis. Its not uncommon to have multiple frenum piercings called a frenum ladder.

The Apadravya and Ampallang The apadravya passes vertically through the head from top to bottom, almost always placed centrally and passing through the urethra. It can be paired with an ampallang which is the horizontal line to form the magic cross.


The Clitoral Hood

Vertical or horizontal hood piercings. Both are popular and the only difference is the direction that you feel most comfortable with, note that neither of these piercings penetrates the clitoris itself so its not to sore.

The Labia

Often pierced in symmetrical pairs its one of the most popular female intimate piercings, can be on the sorer side as this is be a sensitive area.


Now this is by no means a comprehensive guide to all the various places on the human body that can be pierced. And it seems that with modern piercing equipment everyday people are finding different ways to show their own unique way of expressing themselves. If you have a want to get some piercings done we always recommend doing some researched, finding a good reputable studio and ask them, you will find in nearly all cases the piercer should be able to offer advice to help you further.

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