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The 10 sexiest Piercings for Girls!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Body Jewellery and Piercings are super sexy, I think we can all agree on that! But if you can’t decide where to get pierced next then here are a 10 sexy piercings ideas.

10 Sexy Piercing Options!

(1) Belly Bar – This is a intricate piercing that requires some correct care in order to make sure complete healing. Normally pierced at the top of the belly button and centred vertically to hang down. Healing time approx 6 months.

(2) Nose Rings – A nose piercing although not sore can be a delicate piercings, so best not to change out your new Jewellery for the first few months until fully healed. Either side is acceptable and purely a personal choice. The healing period is about 4 months.

(3) Lip Rings – This piercing is normally worn just below the lip line, so when a lip ring is inserted it rings the lower lip area. These can be worn either in the centre of the lips or to the side. Healing time approx 3 months.

(4) Tongue Bar – The tongue piercing is a very popular piercing as it carries a certain amount of rebelliousness and it has a strong sex appeal. When initially pierced due to swelling a longer bar is used and after 3-4 weeks then you can switch out to a shorter barbell. Heal time approx 2 months.

(5) Nipple piercings - Pierced nipples have a reputation for being trendy and a bit rebellious. Generally worn as horizontal bars or rings. With either both or single nipples getting pierced. The healing time is about 9 -12 months.

(6) Monroe Piercings –Named after Marilyn Monroe since it looks like her trade mark beauty spot on her upper lip. Normally worn as single labret on one side but doubles are becoming popular today. The healing process is about 3 months.

(7) Tragus – Gaining popularity since it started in 2005 possibly as celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna have them. This is a cartilage piercing, but luckily your tragus has very few nerve endings which means less pain! Healing takes about 4- 6 months.

(9) Industrial Scaffold Piercing – A straight barbell worn at a angle from upper helix down across the ear to the mid-helix. With this using two piercings there are countless possibilities with this piercing. The healing time is approx 12 months.

(10) Helix –Worn on the upper ear cartilage. With literally hundreds of options available, you can choose your own style with different locations, and jewelry. Healing time is approx 4-6 months.

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