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Tips To Help You From Getting Your Body Jewellery Caught On Everything.

Anyone with a piercing will have heard the dreaded stories, an earring that was ripped out by a baby or when playing sports how a eyebrow bar got caught and was torn from the face. Or everyone's nightmare of the nipple bar and the shower scrubber.

The simple fact is that, even if you’re super careful, you're going to catch your body jewellery from time to time. Now apart from the pain, getting caught can cause scarring and infections, so it’s best to be avoided whenever possible.


Well there are some simple common sense things you can do to save yourself some painful experiences. Here are our top tips to stop snagging your body jewellery.



Most of the horror stories we have heard of come from sport or other leisure activities. When your involved in a contact sport like judo, wrestling etc its super easy for your opponent to grab your jewellery and rip it out before you know it. Now this is an extreme circumstance and we would always advice removing any jewellery before such close contact sports.

But it's not just full contact sports that can lead to disaster, concerts, slides and zip lines have all been known to catch and rip jewellery.

Now this doesn't mean that after your get your piercings that you have to stay indoors and live like a hermit for the rest of your lives. You just need to be a bit more careful.

Glastonbury music festival may be the ideal place to showcase your new and shinny belly piercing, but try to remember that it may be easily snagged by some long haired hippy trying to dance next to you. So choose jewellery thats less easily caught on clothing ( yours or others) when you're in a situation with a higher risk of getting snagged on something.



Fishnet mesh and lace are now enemy number one on your list. Yes they are super sexy, but as they are made up from tiny holes, they can catch onto the end of that beautiful labret when changing and before you realise, you have not only ripped out your piercing but also ruined your favourite top.

Now I know in a perfect world we could all walk around naked, but some of us live in colder climates and frostbite on your extremities can hurt, also most countries have laws to prevent us running about buck wild.

Extra care should be taken when removing any clothing especially when your piercings are still healing as this is a pain that you do not want to experience. Once it heals, you’ll be able to wear your cute lace top again, as long as you take extra care while changing.



I love dangles, you love dangles, we ALL love dangles. These larger items of body jewellery, allow for more elegant designs, new styles and bold new looks.

Dangles by their nature can be quite large, but dangles pose an extra risk of snagging and if you’re new to using them, they are all too easy to forget and get them caught on something.

If your new to dangles then start small, it's not a bad idea to start with just one or two, as its easier to keep an eye on them if it's just a couple in your lobes rather than half a dozen large hoops running up your outer ear.



You may look like a shampoo model with your long locks of hair cascading over your shoulders. But its super easy for long hair to get caught in piercings—even nipple piercings. If it gets caught, all it takes is an absentminded flick of the hair, and Snag.

If you like to run your fingers through your hair or indeed someone else hair, then a little extra care is now needed. More so if your blessed with curly hair as curly hair tends to knot a little easier, and can securely wrap themselves around your jewellery when you’re not paying attention.

It's not a bad idea if you have just gotten a new piercing to wear your hair back to avoid catching your new shinny piercings. When healed then feel free to relax and let your mane blow free in the wind again. Still some care when playing with your hair to avoid grabbing your jewellery when flirting and tucking your hair behind your ear.



A new piercing will take a little time to get used to, and this by itself will lead to it being more likely to getting snagged. Added to this is the fact that you will have to wear a larger piece until the swelling goes down all adds to extra care been need with a new piercing.

For facial or ear piercings a elastoplasts (bandaids) to cover your new piercings when in situations that have potential snagging risks. Remember that your new piercing needs to breath, so don't wear the elastoplasts for long time periods. Also watch your not wearing them too tight as too much pressure on a fresh piercing hole can lead to complications like rejection or even embedded jewellery.

Nipple piercings can be protected by wearing a tight t-shirt or camisole under your clothes. With a new belly ring you're looking at raiding your underwear drawer for those super high pants, yes I'm talking super sexy granny pants here to help cover that new belly piercing while at work or any place where it could get snagged.



By picking seamless hoops, straight barbells, simple belly bars or other simple body jewellery when you're in a high risk snagging situations you can reduce the risk of an accident.

Snagging will happen, I'm sorry to let you down, but I don't know anyone who can honestly say that it's never happened to them. No matter how careful you are, snagging can happen. In certain situations, being intimate with your partner for example, trust me your new body jewellery is going to be the last thing your thinking about, until it's too late and you feel it being torn from your skin.



Generally speaking most snagging issues are only minor problems and even in extreme cases a couple of stitches can fix it. So don't let the fear of snagging let you get put off getting the piercing of your dreams, by using some common sense there’s no reason why your piercing has to be added to the list of horror stories we have all heard.

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