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Scaffold or Industrial Piercings

Heard all about scaffold piercings, but aren't sure what they are?

Don't panic were here to help.

Scaffold bars, Industrial barbells ,Cage piercings or construction piercings, no matter what you want to call them, are simply longer-than-usual barbells that are usually worn at a slight angle across the top of your ear. So you can wear the same bar simultaneously through the front and back of your ear.

All here at The Body Jewellery Shack are pleased to show off some of our extensive collection of these industrial barbells.

Please check out some of our items below:

Rose Gold Squiggle

Snake Wrapped Around Barbell

Pink Bow With Skull Centre

Various Striped Scaffold Bars

Selection Of Vintage Opal Scffold Bars

Steel Heart Scaffold

Gold Plated With Bow

Ion Blackline With Flaming Skull

Steel with Brass Knuckles

14Kt Gold Tree of Life With Crystals

PTFE- Retainer Scaffold

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