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Girl's Versus Boy's – Piercing Guide

Nowadays the range of Body Jewellery styles and places on the body that can now be pierced can be overwhelming. From simple and delicate labrets for lip piercings to the more extreme hardcore body modifications jewellery. You really need to keep both the stereotypical genders in mind when buying in new pieces of jewellery or when getting a new piercings done yourself.


The standard body piercings for women include ear, nose, nipple, tongue, belly button and lips. The standard earlobe being number one by a long way with , nipple piercings ,nose rings, belly bars, lip rings, tongue barbells and the more intimate vulva piercing all gaining in popularity with today's culture.

With the conventional earlobe piercings being by far the best know, there is still a long list of other piercings available for the girls ears. Industrial or Scaffold Piercings, Daith, Inner Conch, Outer Conch, Tragus as just some examples. Each of these has their own distinct types of jewellery to be worn such as Studs, Labret, Barbell, Cuff, Helix etc.

  • Nipple Piercings

In comparison with ear piercings the amount of women who have their nipples pierced is a tiny percentage. This may be because this can be a uncomfortable piercing and takes longer to heal. Although there are less options for placement with horizontal or vertical being the main choices. Straight barbells are generally used when in the healing process but after this nipple rings, nipple shields and dangle nipple bars are options to be worn in different styles depending on individual tastes.

  • Belly Button Piercings

Belly button rings and bars have grown in popularity in the last decade as many women feel more feminine and sensual when wearing a belly button piercing. There are literally thousands of different designs and styles to choose from.

  • Lip Piercings

Traditionally lip piercings are worn either on the side of the mouth on the bottom or top lip. With the popularity of this style of piercings having blown up in recent years with Monroe, Medusa, Snake Bites, Spider Bites and labrets to name but a few style choices. The piercings referred to "bites" are generally two separate piercings placed at the same symmetrical place on the lip. But by far the most popular lip piercing is still the labret and is more commonly seen on either the upper or lower lip.

  • Tongue Piercings

Tongues piercings are a exciting and sensual option for many. By far the most common jewellery you would use in a standard tongue piercings will be the humble barbell, but when fully healed a large range of ticklers, vibrating bars or funny quote piercings are now available.

  • Nose Piercings

After the earlobe, the nose is the most common type of piercing to get done. With a history going back thousands of years it can be now be done in many different styles depending on individuals taste. With the nostril being the most common, but septum piercings the centre of the nose. Austin bar across the nose, bridge piercings higher up the nose bridge to third eye piercings between the eyebrows. The choices of jewellery has also greatly increased with the rise of this piercings popularity, with Nose Rings, Nose Bars, Septum Rings etc just to name a few.

  • Female Genital Piercings

Genital piercings, are some of the most intimate piercings you can have as they can have a direct effect on sexual pleasure. Both Outer and Inner Labia Piercings, Hood Piercings, Princess Diana and Clitoris Piercings may all be considered. Generally hoops and bent barbells are used in genital piercings.


As its equal rights for all, it seems only fair that the boys have as much right to get piercings as the girls with many of the same places in common. Popular locations are the ear, eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, nipple and the gentiles.

  • Ear Piercings

Same as the girls chart the earlobe being by far the number one piercing for most men. But like the girls the men can also pierce the upper ear with a tragus, helix, rook or industrial scaffold piercing. Stretching your lobes with tapers and flesh earplugs has also seen a recent trend for the men.

Standard eyebrow piercings are normally a vertical piercing with a curved barbell or hoop, but horizontal piercings and multiple piercings can be seen more today as more individuals try to stand out from the crowd.

  • Nose Piercings

Nose piercings for men tend to lean more towards enhancing masculinity in ancient warrior style. The jewellery used for male nose piercings leans more on heavy gauge nose rings, captive bead jewellery, spikes and tusks etc.

  • Tongue Piercings

Although less common in comparison with women with the same area pierced, there are many who feel this piercing aids with enhanced sexual pleasure so its gaining interest for some men.

  • Lip Piercings

The lower lip area is commonly seen pierced area for many men today, with both vertical and horizontal piercings being popular. Labret, Rings, Barbells both straight and curved all being great options depending on individuals style choices.

  • Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are a common body piercing for men, partly as it fits with the warrior tribal idea and possibly as men are more free to walk around with their tops off. Again more masculine styles are more popular with Nipple Spikes, Nipple Rings, Barbells both straight and curved all being popular choices.

  • Genital Piercings

With the Prince Albert piercing being the most common type of genital piercing for men. The reverse Prince Albert piercing, Foreskin piercing and the Dydoe piercings all starting to gain popularity with more adventurous out there.

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