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Fake Ear Plugs - Fake Till You Make it

We all love the look of body jewellery and gone are the days when they were seen as extreme with almost every celebrity having a facial piercing nowadays, with most getting at least their ears pierced, nose rings or tongue studs.

As with all styles, people want to push their own individuality with their own look, and ear stretching is rapidly growing in popularity.

This body modification can be done a various ways with the most popular being tapering, and is done by first piercing your ear lobes and gradually inserting larger gauge ear plugs into the lobe to stretch them to the desired size.

This form of body modification is tribal and originated from West African warriors. It wasn't a popular choice in the western world until about 20 years where it has now grown to become almost normal to see someone with stretched earlobes both for males and females.

If you decide to stretch your lobes, you first have to think about some issues like, how far to stretch as past a certain point your ears will not go back to normal as this can now be a permanent body modification without a minor surgery to fix your lobes.

This will vary from person to person but as a general rule 8mm - 10mm or 0 Gauge - 00 Gauge is regarded as the stopping point if you want your ears to shrink back to normal after wearing, but this is dependent on many factors and is not always the case.

If you want the look of stretched ears, but not ready to stretch? Then try these out first. All you need is a piercing and you can wear these fake plugs until you're ready to join the club. These give you the look of having stretched ears with only standard earring piercings, all the style without the pain or hassle.

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