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Daith Piercing- Cure For Migraines?

Daith Piercing

Migraine headaches are some of the most extreme pains you can suffer, with one out of seven of us living with the condition. From a dull aching in the front and side of the head which can last from hours to days in some cases. Irritability caused by light, nausea, blind spots and tingling in the arms and legs are also common symptoms suffered.

Gem Eyebrow Barbell
Daith Piercings Bar

With the growing trends today in holistic treatments and the growth of non western medicines, many people have taken to looking for alternative cures form migraines. From plant based aromatherapy oils to massages, people no longer are willing to put chemicals into their bodies. Which brings us to the piercings, or to be more accurate Daith Piercings.

Daith Piercing Annealed Ring Gold With White Opal
Daith Piercing Ring

So What Is A Daith Piercing?

Daith cartilage is found the inner fold of the ear, the piercing itself goes through this inner cartilage just above the eardrum.

This area of the ear has been used for centuries by acupuncturists as a pressure point to help relieve pain caused by headaches, stimulating the nerves beneath the skin tissue and triggering the body to produce endorphins which are natural pain killers.

The first ever Daith piercing was done in 1992 by piercer Erik Dakota, and this piercing was requested by a Jewish women who called this style of piercing a "da'at" which is Hebrew word meaning knowledge. Although it was first done for purely for aesthetic purposes, Daith piercings today for migraine headache relief is becoming more common.

Annealed Hoop Earring, Ear Ring
Annealed Heart Daith Ring

Will It Actualy Work ?

Despite the fact that there is no hard scientific evidence to prove migraine relief and the Daith piercing, there are many sufferers who have used this piercing as a holistic non chemical solution to manage their headache pain and have spoken about the effects.

A study done in China certified that acupuncture done on the ears on subjects suffering from migraines had a positive effect. Now as Daith piercings use the same location within the ear that acupuncture practitioners use to heal migraines, theoretically a Daith piercing should generate the same effect.

Nose Ring Blue Crystals
Blue Five Gem Crystal Daith Ring

After Care For Daith Piercing

In order to avoid and reduce the risk of infection, you should complete the following steps should you decide to get a Daith piercing. Get your piercing at a licensed shop .Ensure the piercer is knowledgeable and licensed to do the Daith piercing. The wound should be kept dry, and one should avoid activities such as swimming. Do not pull off the jewelry to prevent irritation,as this makes the wound fresh. Jewelry should not be removed until the wound heals completely,and this can take around six months to one year.

Use cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Clean the piercing using a saline solution to reduce risks of infection.

Annealed Hoop Earring, Ear Ring bar daith Tragus snug Rook Helix with Charm Feather Torquoise Bead and gem 8mm x 1.2mm
Tribal Bead Ring

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